Subscriber Room

So what’s the subscriber room all about?

Well, many subscribers came forward before we moved to Thailand in March 2018, showing an interest in coming to visit us. Now when you put your life on Youtube, people get to know you, but you do not really know them. Having complete strangers turn up to stay with you is not a great idea.

Several subscribers suggested when I mentioned I could build onto our house where the carport was, to start a gofundme fundraising project to contribute towards a room external to the main house. So we did. The room cost £5500 to complete and we raised half the money on the Gofundme, the rest I paid for.

The room is there for subscribers to come and stay with us and experience what it is like to live in semi-rural Thailand, meet the locals, see the local sites. By coming you will be helping the village financially and helping us integrate here.

For Patrons and anybody who contributed to the build your stay is free for the room, any other subscribers then we will charge 400 baht a night for the room. Your meals, drink and entertainment are down to you to pay for.

To date over 45 subscribers have stayed with us and all seem to have enjoyed their trip.

We look forward to you visiting soon, for bookings email me at