Our House

We bought land in the village of Non-Chumpon in 2005, 2 pieces, one at the roadside which is 1 rai and the second piece some 250 metres away from the road. We then spent 3 years building the house on regular visits to Thailand from our home in the UK. In 2008, the house looked like this…

All painted up but bare inside. We furnished it over the following year. At last, it was habitable and we spent quite a few holidays in it over the years.

The idea of building the house in Thailand was for a grand retirement in the semi-rural location and put our feet up. Of course, life has its own agenda.

Sarm, Mem’s younger brother was a dream student, we managed to get him through school, university as well as 2 years part-time in the army. He graduated from both and landed a managers job in a busy factory. He was travelling around Asia and Africa when Mem’s mum fell ill with Alzheimer’s. Sarm gave up his job and we moved mem and Sarms mum to our house. Between us all, she had care and family around her for 2 years when sadly she passed away. Sarm in that 2 years fell in love with animals and today he has 2 large cow sheds filled with various animals. He now buys and sells cows plus delivers animals around Thailand as a service.

31st January 2017 we started our Youtube channel in the UK and moved to Thailand March 7th 2018. We built a room for subscribers to stay and visit us and an office, the house today looks a little different.

Still looking like a building site with projects still to do. As always it is an ever ending project and maybe one day we will get it landscaped and looking pretty.

Our Address for any post or packages or even for you to visit is :-

5/3 Moo 5

Non Chumpon

Khao Yoi



You can also find us on google maps by typing :- Thailand Simons Snooker Club.