About Us

Hi and welcome. The Land of Smiles Thailand channel is maintained by Mem and Simon Los. This page encompasses lifestyle, factual and cultural observations from the perspective of a foreigner and Thai national living and retiring in Thailand together.

We share our life stories here on YouTube to entertain while providing you with a community of people who are experiencing similar situations as yourself. We present pertinent information that we hope helps your visit to Thailand be more fulfilling or if you are living in Thailand more rewarding.

We do not pretend to know it all, in fact, some of the fun is in the finding out. Above all else, we pride ourselves on being a Thailand themed YouTube channel that has subscribers who have gone from commenters to good travelling friends, this bringing people together with a universal appreciation of Thailand to us is our most significant success.

If you're new to our channel and website, Welcome.

January 31st 2017 I started the Youtube channel in the UK, March 7th 2018 Mem and myself Moved to Thailand to retire.

We have made videos on the channel covering our story, and hopefully, you will find it interesting and helpful.

Below is the welcome video from the channel and an interactive map of where we now live in Thailand.